Our Clients

Our clients are the CEOs and Executive Teams of global Multinationals in China / Asia and PE/VC companies who invest in the strength of their portfolio companies. We work across sectors such as Chemical, FMCG, Luxury Goods, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, High Tech and Manufacturing. 

We are proud that our clients have recognized our professional service and impact with an average score of 9.2 across all our engagement.

Jacco v/d Linden
CEO Heineken Greater China

“I worked with Steven and his team just after becoming CEO of Heineken China. My first priority was to get full alignment on business strategy in the Executive Team, which secondly required substantial organizational changes. I asked Steven the impossible: “Can you help me with this within two months”? He took the challenge. 

Their impact? 

An aligned and committed Executive Team and a crystal clear “Strategy on One Page”. An organization change architecture and plan that kept us busy for two years. Throughout this transformation, our culture changed; people took ownership, they jumped on the train, we became one organization, executing one strategy and one plan.  

How they work?

They commit and deliver, they challenge, they find the heart of issues. Steven’s style is constructive and straight, and we had fun throughout the process.

HRVP Siemens China 

“The cooperation with Steven and his Team started when he gave a presentation about the China Landscape for Large MNCs to our Global CHRO and China Management Team. Since then we mainly worked together on the topic of Culture Change. How is their team different? I suppose it’s not just one thing. At the end of one workshop with our business leaders we were all fully aligned and committed to the direction of change. Their methodology and data analytics gave us comprehensive views about ourselves. We could then better connect these findings to the Business Strategy, role of leaders and engagement level of our employees. We highly value our trustful relationship and partnership with them and are happy to see the development of Bright Management Consulting!”

Ma Qing
HRVP Siemens China
Jean Etienne Gourgues 
CEO Pernod Ricard China

"Steven and his Team helped us during a time of significant transformation of our organization. We wanted to know a few months after implementing organization changes “where we stood”, “how people felt”, “where we were okay and where we needed to improve”. We chose to work with Steven because they had a comprehensive methodology to diagnose the Health of our Organization. The result? A rich and uncensored picture of ourselves in all critical areas; strategy, organization structure, engagement & capabilities, culture and informal networks. Interestingly, reflecting on the impact of our work together, it wasn’t just about the sharp analytics and providing this picture. It was about our collective mindset; putting on the table what was unsaid before, creating a culture of “yes, we can talk about this”. It was about strengthening connections, relationship and trust at every level of the organization. It was about people feeling part of the winning team again. I recommend to work with them if you really want to make a transformation and if you are not afraid to hear the blunt truth. Their style is kind and relational, but very straightforward and driving towards change at the same time.”

“Steven and I met in China in 2011 when he facilitated an Executive Team Effectiveness session. What strikes me throughout the years in our cooperation is that their team always gets to the core of things. They make things simple, ask powerful questions and by doing so they create Impact. They recently conducted a working session about Business Strategy in Asia with all our APAC Business Group CEOs. They raised questions such as: “How can China / Asia get more into the Heart of your Strategy”? “How do you capture the threats and opportunities of this market in your strategic game plans?” “Is your monitoring of market changes rigorous enough?” Great discussions and mindset changes were the result of that work. I see Bright as our partner, they are there when we need them.”

Bettina Schoen - Behanzin 
GM Freudenberg Corporate Center & Representative for Asia.
Chairperson of German Chamber of Commerce 
Jan Anne Schelling

Steven and I connected when I got intrigued by the work that his consultancy firm did in the field of individual, team and organizational development and informal networks. His methodologies are based on extensive research and consultancy practice on how people in an organization behave. Steven combines deep insights with a hands-on understanding of business, organization, team and leadership and how they interact in driving value. He connects well with all levels, creates an atmosphere of achievement and fun and dares to challenge leaders with inconvenient questions. We co-designed a program for one of my previous employer's BUs. They needed a Strategy to realize the very ambitious almost triple digit growth ambitions. Steven observed leadership and team dynamics that needed to be addressed and we incorporated both topics in the approach. During the first workshop deviating pictures about the BU's ambition, strategy, goals and organizational implications submerged. Common ground was created by revealing such differences and asking the unspoken questions. Afterwards Steven engaged in courageous conversations with the leader about his commitment to change personally. A tough but rewarding process that still continues. Steven's interventions clearly demonstrated his desire and capability to create impact.

We started our work with Steven and his Team in 2016.

Our Company’s Multiple Businesses and Functions are active across the Asia Region and as President I always have one question on my mind: “How can we leverage and strengthen each other more as One Arkema in this region?”

Together with our Head of HR Alan Tan and Steven’s Team we started on a journey to define and execute synergies across BUs and Functions.

They first diagnosed the Health of our Organization and throughout several sessions with our Leadership Team we then developed Strategic Initiatives in diverse areas. Fast forward to 2018 I am proud to see the progress that we have made. There is still work to do, but I can see that we act differently, we are more One Arkema now, we connect better, we help each other.

How Bright works? They bring energy to change, they challenge the status quo, they probe to get a deeper understanding and to make you think more clearly about issues, they commit as partners and they don’t stop until they see the change.”

Xavier Durand Delacre
President Arkema China and Senior VP Arkema Asia Pacific