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Only a Strong and Aligned Executive Team can Execute the Strategy Effectively. What does a Great Team look like?

Top Team Effectiveness

All the Executives on your Top Team are "star players", all very talented and high achievers. But somehow they don't seem to be on the same page. There is no real alignment in the team. It doesn't feel that all members take full responsibility for the company, but focus on their departments instead. It seems that superficially there is harmony, but under the surface team members don't really commit to what we agree on.


It sounds like you are not One Team yet. Because there is no deep level of Trust between the members that allows them to be vulnerable towards each other. Because they therefore do not feel comfortable to have Constructive Conflict about critical issues and therefore don't Commit to the decisions. The consequences of this team dynamic reach far beyond the performance of the team and create deep misalignment in the organization. Time for a change. 

We developed a methodology that diagnoses the health of your Executive Team, which is called TEDs: Team Effectiveness Diagnostics. Through our TEDs online diagnostics we get a crystal clear picture of the current status of your Team, what works well and what doesn't. To then identify the factors that are most critical and urgent to address. We then take the whole Team on a Developmental Journey called TTD: Top Team Development. This combines Training and Team Coaching sessions that will get to the core of issues and that will help to become a strong and aligned Team.

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