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We are proud that our clients have recognized our professional service and impact with an average score of 9.2 across all our engagements.

The needs of our Global Multinational Clients in Asia

Are you the CEO of a Multinational with a long term ambition to win in China and Asia? Are you challenged by the pace of change in this market and do you feel that you need to fight harder and smarter to win the battle with cut-throat local and global competition? Is your aim to win this battle by reinventing your business models, by creating a healthier organization, culture, executive team and leadership, by creating a space that allows your employees to fully unleash their individual and collective potential?

If the answers are 'yes', then let's start with what kind of support we think you don't need:

  • You don't need consultants to take control over your problem (your Executive Team needs to own the problems and solutions themselves)

  • You don't need a bus-load of junior consultants to solve your key issues (you need seasoned professionals to guide, support and challenge)

  • You don't need a separate approach for strategy, org design, leadership & culture (it needs to be one integrated solution)

  • You don't want critical decisions to only be based on gut feel (you need solid diagnostics)

We guide the Asia Executive Teams of our MNC clients to take their company to the next level:

  • We conduct deep diagnostics and don't leave stones unturned to identify the most critical issues that need to be addressed. We don't produce a list of 20 points, we identify the 4 most blocking issues. And we share the uncensored truth about our findings.

  • We then Coach the Executive Team, typically over the course of a year, to truly get the company to the next level. Touching both 'hard factors'  (strategy, business model, organization design) and 'soft factors' (people, leadership, culture). We do this through Business and Executive Coaching: we don't take over the problem, we help you get through it yourself. 

For more specific information about our approach, please read more at our Services section

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