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We are proud that our clients have recognized our professional service and impact with an average score of 9.2 across all our engagements.

The needs of our Private Equity & Venture Capital Clients

Simply said, as a Private Equity / Venture Capital firm you want to maximize the success of your portfolio companies so that your investments pay off handsomely. While minimizing any operational, legal or financial risk.

Pre-deal financial, legal and commercial due diligence are already common practice. However, PE & VC firms have come to realize that leadership, organizational set up, company culture and development of talent & capabilities are at least as important to increase the value of portfolio companies. How to measure this during due diligence?

Post-deal the question surfaced "what can we as PE/VC firms do (besides investing) to boost the likeliness of success and resulting value increase of our portfolio companies?" What support do Executive Teams of portfolio companies need? 

We support our Private Equity and Venture Capital Clients Pre-Deal and Post-Deal

  • Pre-deal Due Diligence Assessment of the CEO (EXAS), of the Executive Team (TEDs) and of the Organization (OHM). Ultimately answering the question if the CEO, Executive Team and Organization have what it takes to realize the ambitions and business case.

  • Post-deal we support the portfolio company's CEO & Executive Team to elevate the company to the next level. Addressing topics such as Strategy & Business Model, Org Design & Operating Model, Leadership, Culture and Talent. We typically guide the CEO and Team for about a Year through Business and Executive Coaching, conducted by seasoned Consultants and Coaches with rich experience in this field globally and in Asia.

For more specific information about our approach, please read more at our Services section

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