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Transformation starts with the individual. What do leaders need to change in themselves to be able to drive organizational change?

Leadership Assessment

“You are about to hire a senior leader into your organization. Making the wrong decision in who to hire is costly. The transactional costs (recruitment, on boarding) pale in comparison to the insufficient development of the business and organization that come as a result of hiring the wrong leader. This can be avoided.

When we assess leaders we first focus on fully understanding the Context. What is this role supposed to achieve (what does success look like in 2 or 3 years), how will that be achieved (company strategy), what external and internal challenges to overcome, etc. Only then do you know what it takes for a leader to succeed within the specific circumstances of the role. We then assess a leader against an 'Ideal Profile' from three angles: the breadth and depth of Previous Experience, the level of sophistication of most critical Leadership Competencies and the Personality and Culture Fit”.

Leadership Development Journeys

In Asia, due to a talent shortage, many professionals transition into leadership roles at a young age and they progress fast into more senior and complex leadership roles. If a doctor wants to become a pilot, would you want him/her to go through proper training first? Exactly, similarly if a person transitions into a (more complex and larger) leadership role, they need to get proper training as well.

However, we see and hear from our clients that many Leadership Development Programs don't fully deliver the promised results. The reason is often that the program is generic and not Connected to the specific learning needs of the participants. Again, you need to understand what a Leader needs to achieve in their roles, how they need to achieve that, which challenges they face, what they are already good at and what not. Only then can you design a program that helps participants to develop what is required. That's what we do.

Executive Coaching


We support individual C-Suite Leaders with unique professional challenges through Executive Coaching. These learning journeys can focus on the development of Leadership Competencies that are critically required in the role. It can also be more behavioral in which we focus on the derailing behaviors that limit Leaders in their effectiveness. Preferably we go a step beyond and help leaders to address and answer questions that are more Transformational in the stage of their professional lives.

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