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What is your company's collective personality, it's identity? How do leaders and employees collectively think and behave? And is that still helpful or should things change?

Culture Transformation

Changing your Culture is changing the collective personality or even identity of the organization, changing how people have thought and behaved for a long time. Sometimes this collective identity loses relevance and effectiveness and needs to change. But your employees will challenge you asking ‘why do we need a new culture’, ‘what is wrong with what we think and do now’, ‘how will this new culture benefit me’ and ‘how can you help to make a change’?


Addressing these questions is where we come in. We measure your Culture, make tangible what was abstract before. That allows thorough analysis of its effectiveness in your changed context and necessity for change. To then have the Executive Team define the Target Culture that is better able to get you to where you want to go. 

Now unfortunately this is only the beginning of the story. Some collective behaviors (not least among leaders) turn out to be very difficult to change. During implementation there is actually only one thing that you need to do. And that is "show that it's real" (STIR). What does 'show that it's real' look like? First of all, you can clearly explain why change is critical for the entire organization. Secondly, Leaders need to walk the talk. If you don't see your leader change, you will not believe that it's real and this includes Leaders not allowing 'old' behaviors to continue. Thirdly, processes, policies and systems need to change to allow Culture change to happen. If you want more Innovation for example, then provide time, resources and incentives to Innovate. Fourth is bottom up involvement of employees in Culture change business initiatives. Fifth is two way communication in which you allow honest feedback and provide a platform for impactful change stories. Finally, you only know if you succeed if you measure change. Don't only measure Culture change itself. Culture change is a means to an end. Also measure the business results that you want to see as an outcome of Culture change (top and bottom line results, Innovation levels, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, etc.) Íf you do all this, then at some point your organization will reach and go beyond a Tipping Point, that is where the Magic happens.

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