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Bright launches 'Corona Proof Due Diligence Assessments'

Companies worldwide are trying to safeguard their business continuity and protect the interests of their employees and other stakeholders while the tragedy of this crisis unfolds.

Our PE & VC clients across the region share similar priorities to weather the storm:

* Protect the (financial) health and business continuity of portfolio companies;

* Restore trust and comfort with Investors;

* Evaluate and re-balance the portfolio in the light of different future scenarios;

* Search for opportunities to invest in distressed companies.

To support our PE & VC clients in these endeavors, Bright developed “Corona Proof Due Diligence Assessments”:

* A comprehensive Assessment Suite:

- CEO Assessment (EXAS™)

- Executive Team Diagnostics (TEDs™)

- Organization Health Diagnostics (OHM™)

- Commercial Due Diligence

* A 100% Corona Proof Online Approach; From introduction to final IC presentation;

* Conducted by Bright’s Managing Partner and our seasoned business partners.

Please reach out to plan a virtual cup of coffee and learn more:

Stay safe!

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